Loan Rates

Loan Rates Effective January 3, 2023

Loan Type APR*
Autos (New & Used 2015 and newer) as low as 3.49%**
Used Autos (2014 and older) as low as 3.99%
Motorcycles (New & Used 2018 and newer) as low as 3.99%
Boats, Motor Homes, and Campers (2018 and newer) as low as 4.49%
Jet Skis, Personal Watercrafts, and ATV (2018 and newer) as low as 4.24%
Other Secured as low as 4.99%
Personal Loans as low as 8.24%
VISA® (currently) as low as 13.74%

Real Estate*** Effective December 12, 2022

Loan Type APR*
Home Equity
5 years fixed
10 years fixed
15 years fixed

as low as 4.50%
as low as 5.00%
as low as 5.75%
30 year fixed
20 year fixed
15 year fixed
5/5 arm

as low as 5.99%
as low as 5.49%
as low as 4.99%
as low as 3.99%
Land Loan
10 year

as low as 6.50%
Construction Loan
as low as 4.58%

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

**Additional discounts may be available for Auto Loans - Ask a loan officer how!

Note: VISA is 6.74% above Prime Rate effective
15th day of previous 3-month period.
3% above Interest Rates on CD Secured
All Loan Rates are subject to Change. Membership in Telco Plus Credit Union is required for all credit union services.

New money only. Rates apply to qualifying members. Qualifications for loans are based in part on information received from Experian Credit Reporting Service. Rates for loans are based on information received from Experian Credit Reporting Service.

*** Telco Plus 1st Mtg & 2nd Equity MTG loan products available to current and eligible new members in good standing. MTG Loan APR subject to credit worthiness and loan LTV. All MTG loan application approval and funding subject to credit union underwriting guidelines: Minimum FICO Credit Score, income, DTI, DI, LTV, CLTV, and maximum loan amounts may apply.
Fixed Rate MTG Ex: Payments of approximately $40.83 per $1,000 based on a 2.75% rate,.2.98% APR and 30-year term: $67.86 per $1,000 on a 2.25% rate 3.17% APR and 15-year term.
Adjustable-Rate Loan Ex: Payments of approximately $38.87 per $1,000 based on a 2.375% rate 2.60% APR. and 30-year term.
- Adjustable-Rate Mortgage rates and payment may both be subject to changes at future dates after time of loan funding.