Telco Plus Credit Union Leadership

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Front Row, lt to rt: Joni Bailey, Jessie Nichols, Dean Daly, and Jennifer Audet
Back Row, lt to rt: Mike Paye, James Pete, Shane Coleman, Bill Thompson, and Tim Ralston

Bill Thompson, Chairman - term expires 2021
Shane Coleman, Vice Chairman - term expires 2022
James Pete, Treasurer - term expires 2023
Jennifer Audet, Secretary - term expires 2022
Jessie Nichols, Director - term expires 2021
Joni Bailey, Director - term expires 2021
Tim Ralston - Associate Director
Mike Paye - Associate Director
Gladis Rodriguez - Associate Director


Our Board of Directors

Left to Right,
Crystal Knowles, Marketing Director; Elvis Awah, Director of Lending; Randall Pearson, MBA, BSACS, President/CEO; Ileana DeLeon, Director of Branch Operations