Automotive Protection

Your automobile is your second largest purchase and you should protect it and yourself.  We offer two different protection services that are cheaper than most dealerships and has more perks.  Our Extended Warranties includes roadside services, pays the mechanic directly, covers tire replacement, and comes in four different price tiers to best fit your needs.  The Extended Warranty can be purchased at any time and your automobile does not have to be financed with us or anyone else.  Please ask a Loan Officer about packages or financing an Extended Warranty today.

Don’t be left paying for an asset you no longer own! GAP PLUS Coverage by Telco Plus helps cover the cost between what is financed and current market rate of your automobile in case of an accident. Additionally, if you finance a replacement vehicle with us within 90 days, GAP PLUS can reduce your loan balance by $1,000. Please ask a Loan Officer if this coverage would be good for you.

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GAPExtended Auto Warranty