Fee Schedule

The rates appearing in this schedule are accurate as of the Last Dividend Declaration Date indicated on this Truth-in-Savings Disclosure. If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.


Share Account Fees
Excessive Withdrawal Fee $2/withdrawal after 4 free per quarter
Checking Account Fees
Overdraft Transfer Fee $2/Item
NSF Fee $30/Item
Courtesy Pay fee for overdraft paid $30/Item
Regular Checking Service Fee $5/Month
No Direct Deposit on Plus Checking $10/Month
Stop Payment Fee $30/Request
Posted Item Request $30/Request
Printed Checks Varies by Style
Copy of Check (2 free per sheet) $2/Copy
Other Service Fees
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming) $5/Transfer
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing) $15/Transfer
Western Union $15/Transfer
Cashier's Check Fee $3/Check
Money Order $2/Each
Teller Check $2.50/Check
Account Reconciliation $20/Hour, $20 minimum charge
Account Research $20/Hour, $20 minimum charge
Statement Copy Fee $1/Per Page
Account Activity Printout $1/Per Page
Deposited Item Return Fee (3rd party) $25/Item
Deposited Item Return Fee (member’s own check on another FI) $30/Item
Legal Process Fee Cost to Credit Union
Photocopy Fee $0.10/Copy After 15 free copies
Collection items $5.00/Item
Change Account Number $10/Account
Verification of Deposit $5.00 per request
Filing fees Cost to Credit Union
Account Closure Fee $25/Account, If closed within 6 months
Automatic Transfer Fee $2/Transfer
Telephone Transfer Fee $1/Transfer
Fax (outgoing) $1/Page Local
Fax (outgoing) $2/Page Long Distance
Foreign Check Collection Fee
Cost to Credit Union
Return Mail Fee $2/Item
Account Maintenance Fee (No activity over 11 months with an average daily balance below $251 and no other services or accounts.) $5/Per Month
Check Cashing Fee - with balances below $100 with no other services Checks over $100 - $2 per check
Check under $100 - $1 per check
Non-Members $5 per check
Non-Members Cash Advanced Credit Card Payments $5
EFT Fees
ATM Transaction Fee $1/Transaction, Out of Network ATMs
Card Replacement Fee $10/Card
ACH Overdraft Fee $30/Item
Debit Card or ATM Overdraft Fee $30/Item
Foreign (International) Debit Card Transactions Fee 1%
ATM/Debit Card Temporary Limit Increase $5/each time
Share Value
Par value of one share $5.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Rental, 3x5 $20
Annual Rental, 3x10 $30
Annual Rental, 5x10 $40
Annual Rental, 10x10 $50
Change of Locks Greater of $200 or actual cost
Drilling of Boxes Greater of $200 or actual cost