Personal Loans

Personal Loans from Telco Plus Credit Union can help with your needs, whatever they may be. You can use a personal loan to consolidate debt, finance a vacation, or pay for repairs. All of our Personal Loans come with low interest rates, fast processing, and convenient repayment terms. We even have ITIN loans and loans for bad credit to help members build their credit. The loans can be unsecured or secured with collateral for a lower interest rate. Apply for our award winning* personal loan at the Longview or Tyler branch for efficient and personalized service. Members should apply for loans in Online Banking and non-members can apply on the website application.

*Your rate, term, loan amount, and payments will vary based on credit worthiness and loan underwriting guidelines. Loan terms range from 6 months to 72 month; interest rates range 6.75% APR to 17.25% APR. Please visit our loan rate page for other rates. Our personal loans do not have fees, only the Quick Cash loan has an application fee, see below for those terms and conditions. Loan interest begins to accrue on open date of loan. Delaying first payment for 30- days or more increases amount of interest paid over term of loan. Loan Examples: A 12-month $1,000 loan with best credit may have a low rate of 6.75% APR; and a payment of $87. Total loan payments will be $1,036.74; $1,000 paid towards the principal borrowed and $36.74 to interest. A 12-month $1,000 loan with less than perfect credit may have a rate as high as 17.25% APR; and a payment of $92. Total loan payments will be $1,095.28; $1,000 paid towards the principal borrowed and $95.28 to interest.

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Quick Cash & Save loans by Telco Plus Credit Union are designed to help you stop the cycle of the payday lenders. This no-credit-check loan, has lower fees and interest rates than payday lenders. In fact, when you are finished paying off our loan, you will be out of debt and have money in a savings account. If you meet the qualifications below please come in to fill out an application.


  • + Minimum length of membership in the credit union: 90 days
  • + Minimum length of direct deposit: 90 days
  • + Minimum length of employment: 6 months
  • + Minimum monthly gross income: $1,000
  • + Minimum age: 18
  • + Application fee of $20 paid at time of application, whether approved or denied.
  • + Must provide two recent paycheck stubs with application.
  • + No derogatory history with Telco Plus CU. Includes negative share balances excluding courtesy pay, more than 30-day delinquent on loans in the last 12 months; charge off loans or share balances; or unpaid loss to the credit union.

Anyone that needs to start building credit or rebuild bad credit, we can help. We have a secured installment loan and a secured credit card. Both of these loans require a deposit and are reported to all three credit bureaus. Credit mix and good payment history are great ways to boost your credit score. Not only do we offer secured loans, we offer free credit counseling. You can set up an appointment with any loan officer to discuss your credit situation. Our credit counseling is recommended by the local Better Business Bureau. Call us today if you need help!

Credit Builder Certificate Deposit Loan - Think of this as a savings account that reports to all three credit bureaus each month. Starting with $55.00 in your certificate of deposit. A Credit Builder Loan is set up for $1,000 and to which you make a “scheduled due date” payment each month for 18 months. The monthly payments are *approximately $60.00. The monthly payments must be made on or before their scheduled due date. The best part, you have built a good line of credit history and have $1,000 plus the earned interest on your CD. *Payment amount is partially based on 18 month CD rate at time CD opened.

Credit Builder Secured Telco VISA® Credit Card – $500.00 Minimum To Open and the card will have a $400.00 spending limit. However, the key to building credit is “NOT” max out your spending limit. Keep your monthly charges around 30 to 35% of your spending limit. Telco VISA® Credit Card payments are due on the 13th of each month. Preferably try to pay your balance each month. This way you do not have to pay finance charge. Again, the payment history reports to the credit bureau (s).

ITIN Loans
We also do loans with ITINs. We understand that building credit can be challenging in a new country. That is why we offer secured credit cards and secured loans to people with ITINs. Ask a Loan Officer today about how our secured personal loans and secured credit cards to get you on the correct path.

Teacher Loans at 0% APR* are available year round! Up to $500. Apply today! *Annual Percentage Rate. Credit and membership qualifications apply. Offer subject to change without notice. One classroom supply loan available per member at any one time. Automatic payment and employment verification required. Exclusively for teachers. Some other restrictions may apply.